Personal Training

personal training 

Why you should try personal training:

  • You will get results
  • You'll be able to maintain your motivation through structured goal setting and planning
  • You will be accountable - to us and to you!
  • We'll teach you how to improve your lifestyle for a more energetic and healthier you
  • We'll put the fun back into exercising with variety and unique training methods
  • We'll teach you how to train HARD and SMART
  • We can provide quality and efficient workouts for time-poor clients
  • Nutritional advice to complement your training program.

We offer something for everyone; individual, buddy and small group training packages are available and UOW students can "share the load" so the more people you can grab to train, the cheaper it is for you!

SINGLE SESSION (1 hour) member$75$45 per person$32 per person
single session (1 hour) non-member$85$50 per person$35 per person
10 pack member (10 x 1 hour sessions)*$72/ session ($720 total)$42/session pp ($420pp total)$30/session pp ($300pp total)
10 pack non-member (10 x 1 hour sessions)*$85/session ($850 total)$50/ session pp ($500pp total)$35/session pp ($350pp total)

For more information or to book a session please contact Personal Training Coordinator, Kurt Ogilvie or (02) 4221 4700.

Please note: All PT clients must pay for entry to the gym in addition to their PT service either through a Team Training, Gold or Silver Pass, visit passes or casual payment. 

*UOW Staff can salary sacrifice these products.

personal training at uniactive ic

UniActive IC has teamed up with some of Wollongong’s foremost Personal Trainers who can deliver results based dynamic sessions to suit your personal needs. Please speak to staff for more information or call (02) 4221 4666.


Last reviewed: 4 December, 2017