Swimming Classes and Programs

Adult swimming classes

Qualified coaches offer a friendly, fun training group for people of all swimming standards. 

5 week programs:

Learn to Swim: This program is designed for swimmers who have little or no swimming experience. The aim is to develop water confidence and teach basic swimming skills such as floating, breathing regulation and kicking. 

To book into the next Learn to Swim please contact the Swim School on (02) 4221 4194 or via email pulse-swimschool@uow.edu.au

Group Classes (run all year round):

Stroke Development: The aim of the class is for swimmers to develop stroke technique and incorporate some distance freestyle. This class allows for fine tuning of skills at a more advanced level than stroke correction.

Swim for Fitness: Adult swim squad sessions cater for swimmers who wish to improve their fitness, skills and stroke technique while working towards long term fitness or competitive goals.

Aqua Jogging: A low impact exercise class that is a great workout for tired muscles and to increase your aerobic fitness.

Swim-Run: Perfect for triathlon training and general fitness. The classes incorporate a swim drill using turning buoys similar to open water format, immediately followed by a run on the nearby ovals. 

5.30am - 7.00amSwim for Fitness
7.15 - 8.00amAqua Jogging
5.30AM - 7.00AMSwim for Fitness
7.00am - 8.00amStroke Development 
7.15am - 8.00amAqua Jogging
12.30am - 1.30pmSwim for Fitness
6.00pm - 7.30pmSwim for Fitness
5.30am - 7amSwim for Fitness
7.15am - 8.00amAqua Jogging
5.30AM - 7.00AMSwim for Fitness
7.00am - 8.00amStroke Development
7.15am - 8.00amAqua Jogging
12.30PM - 1.30PMSwim for Fitness
6.00pm - 7.30pmSwim for Fitness
5.30am-7amSwim for Fitness
7.15am - 8.00amAqua Jogging
6pm - 7pmSwim - Run 
7.30am - 9amSwim for Fitness


What distances are usually covered during the sessions?

Distance will vary based on the focus of the session and the duration of the class. Stroke Development sessions will typically cover 1.5km - 2.5km, while Swim For Fitness sessions cover 2.5km - 4.5km. There is less focus on distance for both learn to Swim and Stroke Correction 

How much does it cost?

See Memberships for details

 Do you need to book in advance each week?

There is no need to book in advance for Stroke Development or Swim For Fitness, however you must book in with the lifeguard before the session. You must book in advance with the Swim School for both Learn to Swim and Stroke Correction programs.  

Does the program cater for varying fitness levels or is it primarily for strong, fit swimmers?

Yes, the sessions are designed to cater for swimmers of varied fitness levels. Swimmers are assigned a lane based on fitness and ability thus swimming with others of a similar standard. Within the Adult Swimming Program there is a progression from Learn to Swim through to Swim For Fitness.     


Last reviewed: 19 February, 2018