Best Skin Care Tips to Soothe Eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis is a skin condition accompanied by itchiness, redness and inflammation. It can be diagnosed by simply observing the patient’s skin or through patch testing and other tests to rule out other skin conditions that might interfere with the diagnosis. Although there are medicines that could treat eczema, it is a persistent skin condition that could recur over and over again even after it was treated before.

Knowing the triggers or even the warning signs of a flare greatly helps in treating it to prevent it from getting worse. If you’re suffering from eczema, here are some home skin care tips that could greatly help soothe the skin discomfort you’re experiencing.


Dryness and itchiness are two of the uncomfortable symptoms of eczema. One of the key skin care regimens you can do to soothe eczema is to moisturize your skin regularly. Doing it at least twice a day helps a lot in soothing irritated skin caused by eczema. Explore products and find which combination works the best for you. You may try a combination of moisturizing creams, ointments, lotions, or bath oils.

Use Mild Skin Care Products

As much as possible, it is best to use mild skin care products that don’t contain chemicals such as paraben, dyes, and other harsh ingredients. If you’re an eczema sufferer, paw paw products are good for you. A tube of pawpaw cream is definitely a must have for people with eczema because it helps a lot in soothing itchy and inflamed skin. Plus, it is made from 100% natural ingredients which is a perfect choice for your skin care regimen.

Use Anti-Itch Medications

Your skin can definitely get itchy during flare that’s why it is important to always have an anti-itch medication handy. You may opt to apply an anti-itch cream to the affected area for temporary relief from itchiness. Oral anti-allergy medications also work well to alleviate the itchiness but they are best taken at bedtime because they can cause drowsiness.

Take a Warm Bath

Warm bath helps soothe the skin especially when you’re experiencing discomfort from eczema. Add some skin soothing products to your bath such as moisturizing bath bombs, colloidal oatmeal and others. Take a dip for about 15 minutes and gently pat your skin dry to avoid irritating it. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizing product while you’re still damp.

Beat Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the two common triggers of eczema. Aside from all those skin care regimens you can do at home, don’t forget to treat eczema from its root cause. Beat stress and anxiety by trying out relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, and other techniques that work well for you.

It takes some effort to effectively control the symptoms of eczema. These tips are tried and tested to be effective in dealing with the discomfort caused by this skin condition. Try them out and experience the difference they could provide.

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