How to Prevent Scarring After Mole Removal Surgery?

People don’t just remove their moles for cosmetic reasons alone. It’s often recommended to do so regardless for health reasons since these moles can sometimes become malignant as the years pass. Mole removal surgery can result in a scar if you don’t follow after-care instructions thoroughly but here are some additional tips you could use to reduce the chances of this happening!

Cover the Area

Firstly, a lot goes into the technique of mole removal so you’ll want to get it done here by a reliable professional to reduce your chances of scarring. You will be informed about post-care instructions and this will likely include your most important job, which would be to keep the area covered and protected from pollutants in the environment.

Getting too much exposure to the sun would also aggravate the skin and might cause a reaction. Since there are plenty of toxins in the surroundings capable of infecting the zone, keep clean regularly and shield it when going about.


Your next step would be to moisturize as much as possible. Moisturizing helps gives your skin a boost when it comes repairing itself and staying healthy- this would definitely come in handy when your skin is healing. Also keep in mind that scarring tends to develop far more easily on dry skin so have your skin hydrated at all times by moisturizing.


Good blood flow and circulation is remarkably important for ensuring nutrients are spread out across the body. One way to increase circulation would be to massage the part every single day. This will increase blood flow to that area and thus fortify the amount of nutrients reaching it. This will help when prepping your skin to fight scarring. Make it a point to massage the part minimum two to three minutes each day.


As we mentioned above, the sun’s rays are highly potent and this is the last thing you want reaching your skin without some sort of barrier in place. It will slow the curing procedure and make scarring all the more likely, so don’t just make it a point to cover up- use sunscreen each time you head out as well (no matter the weather conditions).

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant- essentially something that reduces cell damage. It’s a powerhouse of a Vitamin that moisturizes and has healing abilities. It helps strengthen the skin’s barrier while also acting as a natural anti-inflammatory. All you have to do is buy some Vitamin E pills, prick them and rub them all over the affected part and you’ll be strengthening the skin to fight scars.

Avoid Stretching

Try to put your skin around the affected area through the least amount of exertion possible. For example, if the mole was on your hand, then you’d have to be more cautious than usual not to move it around too much because this can slow the curing procedure and increase chances of scarring.

These are some of the best methods you can try to ensure you’re not left with any scarring. But keep in mind that they can take weeks and months of effort so don’t give up!

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