Signs You Need To Go To A Retreat

When we get sick, it is our body’s way of telling us that we need to stop, recharge and take care of our physical health. But do we really need to get sick first before we consider resting? And what about our mental health? What is our indicator that we need to tune out of the daily hustle and bustle of our lives to slow down and reflect?

There are those lucky enough to have family, friends and work superiors that schedule periodic retreats for their loved ones and employees to go for a retreat to recuperate physically and mentally. But perhaps now is the time that we consider doing this ourselves especially if we noticed the signs that we need to slow down such as burnout, fluctuating weight, loss of sleep and irritability.


Burnout is defined as the state when a person is physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted that they no longer find joy on the things that they enjoy previously. This enjoyed by stress and affects all the aspects of life; work, family and social life. A person who is burnout considers all day as a “bad day” and feels like nothing is going right. With this state, the individual is also susceptible to illnesses such as colds and flu. When this is how you are feeling on a day to day basis, it is time to consider going for a retreat, to be alone and to get away from all of it that causes you stress.

Fluctuating Weight

Our weight fluctuates on a regular basis and this is normal. But there are fluctuations that could be considered as a sign of physical and mental distress, especially if you are not consciously trying to lose or gain weight. There are diseases that could be diagnosed because of drastic weight change. But if you are definite you don’t have any serious medical condition, then the loss of appetite or the sudden bingeing and craving, you might have an eating disorder or depression. Visit a health retreat and discuss with a professional what needs to be done to help you get better.

Loss Of Sleep

We tend to lose sleep when we are stressed and or overwhelmed which is common and usual. But if it became recurrent and the lack of sleep is already seriously affecting your quality of life, it is time to be alarmed and to check for any underlying serious cause for the sleeping disorder.


A person who is normally patient who became short tempered may be under a lot of stress or could be suffering from physical pain that they don’t want others to know. If you know of a family or a friend who is like this, talk to them and urge them to go to a wellness center to help them be the fun loving, chill and laidback person that they were before.

There are numerous benefits one might get after going to a retreat. Going to one would give us the time to reflect on our lives, to recharge and to reconnect.

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