5 Ways to Relieve Your Sore and Stinging Muscles

Do you lift weights after a workout? Or do you work at the library and lift huge hoards of books every day? Pretty much the same thing, isn’t it? Sometimes you would pull a muscle or overstretch one of your ligaments which can be quite painful. These injuries do make you wish that you are better off doing something less risky. But why give up your dreams and passions when there are so many ways that you can recover! Here are five ways that you can relieve your sore spots.

Jump into an Ice Bath Immediately!

Once you feel like you’ve stretched a ligament or you’re muscles are getting sore after a tough work –out session, have an ice bath as soon as possible. Coldwater is proven to have a significant effect in treating muscle soreness that comes as an aftermath result of a workout. You can reduce muscle soreness significantly by having a cold shower, which is better than the results produced by resting after a workout. The cold water remedy is especially recommended for the people who work out for the first time as their muscles are more prone for stretches and tears.

Keep Moving!

The day after your injury, do not stay curled up on the bed, despairing about how you don’t want to work out or go to work anymore. Get up and move those muscles, but don’t let any injury get worse. Use the muscles in a way that they won’t scream in resistance. For example, if you’ve got muscle soreness from cycling, go skiing the next day. Moving will definitely help you to alleviate the soreness of the muscles.

Go For a Remedial Massage

As the name denotes, remedial massages offer cures and treatments for long-term pains and aches. Specially trained masseurs will diagnose what causes your pain how you should be treated for it. Then they will devise a plan that will be tailored to address your specific condition. If you’re located near Berwick and Hallam, try Eclipse remedial massage which will provide the ultimate solutions for any kind of sports injury that you may have.

Heat Your Sore Spots- But Not Immediately!

A hot water bath after a pretty intense workout sounds alluring. But this is a huge no-no as the stretched, and inflamed muscles will be aggravated if too much heat was focused on them. Therefore, it’s always sensible to opt for a cold bath immediately after a workout or a stretch injury. But, heat can work miracles while you’re recovering as heat increases blood circulation, which aids in quick recovery.

Increase Your Protein and Amino Acid Intake

Even though you exercise regularly and try to avoid calorie consumption at all costs, this isn’t the time for that! While you’re in the recovery stage, it’s essential to have a regular intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They play significant roles in repairing and reconstructing damaged and sore muscles.

If you lift something weighty without warming up your body first, a substantial injury is guaranteed. Therefore, do stretching exercises before you work out and use correct postures when you sit, stand and lift heavy items. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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