How to Get More Members at Your Club

Any club’s biggest hurdle to date is limiting the amount of members that leave and maximizing the amount that enters. Particularly in golf, you’ll find that at least around ten percent of memberships end each year and it definitely isn’t a successful club if you don’t manage to replace those that leave. Perhaps all you need is a different approach so here are some quick and easy ways you can get potential members headed your way!

Member Scheme

Believe us when we say it, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book! Often someone is most likely to join a club when invited- and even more so when invited by someone they know! So make a member scheme where you give out incentives to the member who is joining and to the member who invited them. When you’re thinking of your incentives, think long term because each member adds incredible value to the club. So be generous with what you’re offering because you will definitely earn a profit over it.

Joining Fees

An important thing to realize is that the joining fee together with subscription is often a hefty amount that turns people off. You need to use your joining fee as a bargaining tool to keep a potential member interested. For example, introduce a join now, pay later scheme where the individual can pay the joining fee, play for free for the first few months (essentially covering the value of the joining fee) and then pay for membership after.  Remind yourself of the long term investment you’ll be making. Its deals like this that brings in members.

Open Day

Creating a membership open day is a great way to show people how great your club truly is. Create a guest tournament that will allow people to mingle with likeminded golfers. You can even organize a tour, showing potential members around on a golf buggie and giving them the opportunity of trying out the course in the process. Don’t forget your beverages and foods, and make sure to have your staff well-trained on selling a membership.

Seasonal Memberships

These are great ways to give people tasters and this is guaranteed to have them come back for more. Have people join for a short amount of time (seasonal periods) and try your club out. If they’re satisfied, they can come back and pay for the full membership. If you really want to tempt them you can discount the full membership by the value of the taster.

Spouse Programs

This goes for clubs that do not have a lot of couples as members and stands as a great opportunity to get more members headed their way. You can incentivize these couples by offering a discount on the second membership and you’ll definitely see a lot more spending at your food and beverage outlet as well.

These are some quick and easy ways to get more members heading your way. Essentially you need to realize you’re making some solid long term investments and make the leap if you want to get back on track!

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