5 Major Benefits of Myotherapy

We all know that regular Myotherapy and remedial massages are highly beneficial for our health. We just know that is beneficial, however, we don’t know how it benefits us. Massages feel great and it also promotes you to be happier and more energetic. We demand a lot from our bodies, on a day to day basis we overwork our bodies and neglect our health. So before it gets too far, let’s learn the 9 major benefits of Myotherapy.

1.      Correcting Posture

Spine alignment and postural issues the most common reasons that cause an imbalance in the body further leading to defect and pain. Myotherapy and remedial massages are customized accordingly for the client and his/her problem. Most common target points are the neck and shoulders and the lower back. This condition is commonly found in people who sit to elongated hours and those who use the computer, a lot. Massages solve these problems by releasing the myofascial muscles and balancing the other muscles to work smoothly and cohesively.

2.      Relief from Muscular Pain and Joint Stiffness

Massage therapy and dry needling are now solutions to release and demilitarize tight muscular trigger points. These trigger points are generally associated with joint stiffness and a dull ache in the muscles. Specific stretches allow you to lengthen and release tight muscles back to their natural state. Massages release your nerves and allow new blood to flow to the tissues to promote quick healing. Myotherapy and remedial massages are an excellent way to eliminate pain, stress, and headaches. Instead of consuming pharmaceutical drugs, it is now recommended to give Myotherapy a try.

Body Motion Physio myotherapy has been popularly growing and is quite successful. Call now and make an appointment for your general wellbeing.

3.      Stress Relief

Stress, anxiety and general well-being should not be neglected. In our daily highs and lows, we tend to develop stress and anxiety but our wellbeing is nowhere close. This is where most problems come in, stress and anxiety can harm your physical and mental state. Therefore before it elevates you must learn to control it. Throughout history, many remedies for stress and anxiety have been discovered but by far the best one is massage therapy.

In scientific terms, massage therapy lowers our cortisol levels, increases endorphins, dopamine, and our happy-ecstatic hormones also known as serotonin and lower norepinephrine, epinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol. In simple it enhances all the good feelings and eliminates the nasty ones.it is reported that health conditions like anxiety, hostility, depression, hypertension, diabetes and both emotional and physical stress decrease due to massage therapy.

4.      Increased Range Of Joint Movement

When muscles cross over joints it leads to tightness and thereafter restriction in full joint movement. The tightness can originate from either the core of the muscle or its tendon. If you face any joint-related issue addressing the soft tissue first will allow you to release the pressure from the joint and restore it to its original function. Shoulder joints are the most popular cause of inflammation and pain in that upper body.

5.      Increase in Productivity

Let’s all be real here, we do whatever it takes to make our day super-efficient and rewarding, yes? Ironically, we do everything but take care of ourselves, which eventually leads to health issues and a decrease in productivity. You’ve got to be the smarter person here. Whatever it takes, do not neglect your health. Because health is wealth. Relax and de-stress, every day.  You can adopt whatever technique that fits your health and routine.

It may not seem like a big deal, but anxiety, stress, and health play a major role in your life. You need to keep the first two at bay and embrace the third one. Myotherapy is an excellent way to do so.

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