Why You Should Wear The Right Workout Gear

There’s plenty of opportunities out there when it comes to sportswear, in all sorts of designs and styles. If you’ve wondered why you have to go through the effort of shopping for activewear when you could just throw on a pair of baggy shirts and shorts and sweat it out, then this article is going to be an eye-opener for you. There are several advantages to getting yourself into exercise gear that you won’t really find in your baggy home clothes. Here are some of them:


When activewear fits just right, it won’t cause irritability or hinder your exercise. Too tight, and it could cause chafing or restrict your movement. Too loose, and there’s a chance it could catch on equipment, making you focus more on not having any mishaps rather than your routine itself. Spandex and Lycra are great for yoga or stretching activities. There are also far more advanced fabrics, like bioceramic, that you can find in Virus weightlifting gear. Bioceramic makes use of natural compounds in its fabrics to aid and reinforce key muscles, amongst many other functions. So buy yourself active wear that’s specific to the type of exercise you want to do and it’ll boost your efficiency during your routine.


Fabrics with a sweat-wicking ability (Spandex, for example) are capable of absorbing the sweat from your skin and allowing to evaporate into the atmosphere rather than accumulate in the cloth. This helps you feel more dry and comfortable both during your workout and after and it also helps you stay cooler in hot weather conditions. Your cotton tee on the other hand? This will absorb your sweat and retain the moisture while you’re at it. This means you’ll be left feeling uncomfortably clingy, sweaty and wet during your workout.


Any women here will understand the importance of having the right support. What happens when you don’t invest in the perfect, fitted sports bra? It is painful and can cause tissue damage, which results in sagging or stretch marks. Those unsupported chest bounces can even cause backaches. Needless to say, ladies, you need that sports bra if you’re going to be working out.

Blood Circulation

Skin tight activewear does more than just give you a great shape. Their advantages are far more biological. During a workout, your blood is tasked with pumping oxygen to your muscles so it has the energy to work. As a byproduct, lactic acid is formed and this is usually what gives way to cramps and fatigue. By wearing compression clothes, you reduce lactic build-up and thus, they help improve your performance as well as muscle recovery while providing extra support when compared to your usual clothing. The right activewear- from gloves to shoes- helps prevent calluses, blisters or sprains. They make your exercise far more comfortable and prevent unnecessary injuries.

If these benefits don’t convert you from a ratty t-shirt and shorts, what will? You truly benefit during a workout so definitely add make sure to add sports gear to your wardrobe.

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