6 Coolest Gym Gear for Men to Workout in Style

Exercising or working out doesn’t mean you’d have to wear your old college shirts and bulky sweatpants. Looking good is actually an essential part of working out because it boosts your confidence, making you more comfortable when doing your exercise routine around people. Here are the best gears you should wear when going for a run or to the gym so you’d look stylish when working out.

Bluetooth Headphones

Exercising can sometimes get boring especially if you’re doing it solo. However, you can beat the boredom blues when you workout while listening to your favourite tunes. Bluetooth headphones are the most practical and convenient to use when exercising because there are no wires that could restrict your movements. Choose one with high quality audio and a good fit so it doesn’t slip off during your routine.

Training Hoodie

Nothing beats a hoodies when it comes to transforming you into a cool guy. If you’re going to the gym during those chilly months, a training hoodie is your best companion. It provides insulation that helps keep your body warm and comfortable. Choose one that has a perfect fit so you won’t look baggy and you’ll have freedom to move around with it.

Workout Shirt and Shorts

Workout shirts and shorts are essential for every man who goes to the gym. Regular cotton clothes won’t do you any good when you exercise. Aside from those ugly sweat marks you have to endure, regular shirts will surely leave you smelling like sweat after a few hours of exercising. Gym shirts and shorts are made from lightweight, moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry and comfortable even after working out for a few hours. Shop online for the high quality mens clothing range meant for gym use.

Training Tights

If you’re uncomfortable wearing just workout shorts at the bottom, why not layer it with training tights? Wear a pair under your gym shorts for a whole athleisure look. Rather than wearing baggy sweatpants, training tights look way cooler. However, don’t wear them on their own to avoid looking like a weirdo.

Sweat Wicking Socks

Be sure to wear sweat wicking socks when you’re working out to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Sweaty feet are also more prone to blisters especially when you’re doing a lot of leg and footwork that creates friction between your footwear and feet. Keep them dry and you’ll be blister-free after your routine. There are also products with anti-odour properties that prevent your feet from smelling sour after sweating. Now you can confidently change footwear without worrying about odour.

Duffel Bag

While most guys use regular backpacks when going to the gym, duffel bags look better and cooler. They don’t look that bulky plus everything just fits perfectly, your things don’t clunk with each other. Find a water-resistant one to keep your belongings safe during wet seasons.

Now that you have an idea on what gears to wear to the gym, try matching them up and see which one works for you best.

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